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Bare And Bloom

Rose Geranium Aromatherapy Candle

Rose Geranium Aromatherapy Candle

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Rose Geranium is the soft, calming aroma of floral Rose and herbaceous Geranium.

Both Rose and Geranium essential oils are beneficial for their calming, soothing and balancing properties, perfect for promoting emotional balance.

In aromatherapy they are often used to help those who experience feelings of sadness or worry and to balance male and female energy.

Renew and rebalance your mood with the delicate aroma of rose and geranium, this combination will surely help harmonise the senses and put a smile on your face.


Our aromatherapy candles are individually hand poured in small batches using natural soy wax, pure essential oils and cotton wicks.

Aromatherapy candles have a very subtle effect and are not overpowering like synthetic fragrances. They are best enjoyed in small rooms to help create a mood or enhance the ambience.

Simply light our aromatherapy candle about 30-45 min before your preferred use to enjoy its calming scent.


Natural vegan soy wax

Natural pure essential oils

Biodegradable/recyclable packaging

Remove dried flowers prior to lighting candle!

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