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Bare And Bloom

Natural Beard Oil Neroli & Vetiver

Natural Beard Oil Neroli & Vetiver

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Indulge Your Beard, Illuminate Your Presence.

Elevate your grooming routine with our thoughtfully crafted Natural Beard Oil, a luxurious blend of botanical treasures designed to nourish and enhance your facial hair.

Crafted for the gentleman who seeks excellence in grooming. Transform your beard care routine into a ritual of everyday luxury and self-care. Immerse yourself in the benefits of nature's finest ingredients, and let your beard radiate with health and vitality.

Key Ingredients

Grapeseed Oil ~ Conditions facial hair, hydrates skin, restores shine, promotes blood flow, prevents beard itch and dandruff.

Raw Hemp Seed Oil ~ Packed with lipids, which add moisture and shine to your skin and beard. Rich with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, it deeply conditions and strengthens beard hair, preventing breakage and split ends. Encourages new hair growth, rich in vitamin D, which is necessary for calcium absorption to help achieve soft, smooth and hydrated skin.

Black Cumin Seed Oil ~ Known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, it aids in maintaining a healthy, itch-free beard. Soothes and heals skin, strengthens hair follicles. Contains anti-fungal elements that help effectively get rid of dandruff as well as all other hair issues that can lead to hair loss, leaving your hair to grow stronger.

Macadamia Nut Oil ~ Adds a touch of indulgence, providing deep conditioning and a velvety texture to your beard. Light and non-greasy nature allows easy absorption into the hair shaft and underlying skin, offering hydration without weighing down the beard hair. Helps regulate sebum, regenerates skin cells, tames curly hair, and restores damage.

Essential Oil Symphony 

Geranium ~ Balances oil production, contributing to a healthier beard and skin.

Neroli ~ Promotes a calming and rejuvenating effect, both for the beard and the senses.

Ylang Ylang ~ Enhances the oil's fragrance with a sweet and exotic note, fostering a delightful grooming experience.

Cardamom ~ Adds a warm and spicy aroma, creating a unique and appealing scent profile.

Vetiver ~ Earthy and grounding, contributing to a well-rounded aromatic experience.

How To Use Our Natural Beard Balm

Start with a Few Drops ~ Begin with a small amount of beard oil. Depending on the length and thickness of your beard, 3-5 drops are usually sufficient.

Warm in Your Palms ~ Rub the oil between your palms to warm it up. This helps the oil spread evenly and ensures it penetrates the beard and the skin beneath.

Evenly Distribute Through Beard ~ Work the oil through your beard, starting from the roots and moving toward the tips. Make sure to cover the entire beard for comprehensive nourishment.

Massage into the Skin ~ Don't forget the skin beneath the beard. Gently massage the oil into the skin to moisturize and prevent dryness or itchiness.

Comb or Brush ~ Use a beard comb or brush to evenly distribute the oil and style your beard according to your preference.

Adjust Quantity as Needed ~ If you have a longer or thicker beard, feel free to adjust the quantity of oil. The goal is to achieve a well-moisturized and groomed appearance.

Use Daily for Best Results ~ For optimal results, incorporate the use of our Natural Beard Oil into your daily grooming routine. Consistent application ensures your beard stays healthy, soft, and manageable.

 For a soft, touchable-looking beard I highly recommend using a combination of beard balm & beard oil.

Our Products Are 
  • Cruelty free
  • Preservative free
  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • Ethically sourced
  • Vegan


Handmade in Cambridge, UK using high quality natural ingredients.

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Great product

Great product all round! Helps soften the beard, lovely smell and moisturises the skin. Love it!

Thank you for your feedback. Glad you loved it!