Natural Artisan Soaps, Botanical Skincare And Candles For Mindful Self-Care

Discover the essence of our slow-made offerings crafted in small batches. Experience the purity, simplicity and power of natural ingredients.

Botanical Skincare

Love your skin Discover the transformative power of nature with our range... 

For Him

Unlock the secret to confident and refined grooming with our meticulously crafted... 

Artisan Soaps

Love your skin At Bare and Bloom, we're committed to nurturing your... 


Beautifully nourishing, slow made botanical beauty, natural skincare and hand poured candles, crafted with essential oils to harness the natural power of plants.

Experience the scents of nature.

Bare and Bloom creates luxury, small batch natural, organic, vegan skincare, clean botanical beauty products, handmade soap and beautifully fragranced candles, gently infused with pure aromatherapy oils to nurture the body and mind.

Crafted by hand, every single item has been lovingly designed and created in small batches from our home in Cambridge, UK.

Bare And Bloom is also part of The Slow Living Guide community.